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Nanum Syringe
NS-50 and 2 Models
ns50 003.png

NS-50 (50ml)

NS-20 (20ml)

ns20 003.png

NS-10 (10ml)

ns10 003.png

Clip / 50mL only

- The clip is mounted on the outer cylinder of the syringe to maintain inner pressure.

- The Nanum syringe has gaps between 30mL and 50mL units of the plunger. This made plunger to be fixed on some point where operator want and increase the convenience of the procedure.



- The operator can break syringe' plunger by using gap which is located on bottom of gasket. If necessary. it also can be used as a syringe back cap.



- We have made the inner diameter of the tip has been widened up to ø3.4mm to can inhale much fat using cannula.

* It can be use with Nanum disposalbe cannula(Seperatedly Certified Product: Jain13-501Ho) together.  

Purpose of use

Plastic sterilizing syringes used to injdect drug and fat into the body.

This product is a medical appliance. So please peruse its 'Cautions' and 'Directions' before use.