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General-Purpose Catheter Cannula 
MC-14200 and 2340 Models

Variety types of General-Purpose Catheter Cannula. (Disposable Product)

Filler Cannula

필러캐뉼러 내용.png
마이크로캐뉼러 02.png

Micro Cannula

마이크로캐뉼러 내용.png
팻그래프트 03.png

Fat Graft Cannula

팻그래프트 내용.png

Suction Cannula

석션캐뉼러 내용.png

Infusion Cannula

인퓨전캐뉼러 내용.png

Suture Cannula

슈츠캐뉼러 내용.png


MC-14200 and 2340 Models

Purpose to use

Cannula which is generally inserted into a blood vessel or cavity in body with connector or tube.

This product is a medical appliance. So please peruse its 'Cautions' and Directions' before use.